Thursday, April 16, 2015

Building Strong Communities through Vegan Education

At the Vegan Living Program we're all about community building. For us, it's not enough to tell people about the many benefits of adopting the vegan lifestyle. We want to continue to give encouragement and support even once the vegan pledge is complete and folks have walked off the stage, certificate in hand. We want VLP participants - pledges, coaches and attendees - to know that we'll continue to be there for them with resources, tips, ideas and support. Through continuing events like film screenings, food demonstrations, roundtable discussions, potlucks and family-friendly activities, our goal is to keep people engaged with the vegan community and continue to spread the culture of vegan living here in Baltimore.

Our mission is simple: Share information about the ways veganism can benefit our personal health, the lives of the animals we share the Earth with and the planet itself. The more people we reach with this information, the more this lifestyle will spread until people everywhere are making kinder, healthier, more conscious choices. The Vegan Living Program is one important piece to this puzzle, but in order to build a strong vegan movement in the Baltimore area, we need to focus on building and maintaining a strong, active community. That's where our VLP participants come in. It's our hope that the connections that are made during the program will continue post-VLP. We would love for folks to stay in touch with each other and stay engaged with the continuing events and activities.

Although the VLP is a once-a-year pledge program, our goal is to keep people involved year-round. Input from participants is vital to making this happen, so please share any ideas you may have about ways we can keep you fully engaged in our community. Are there specific topics related to veganism that you would like for us to cover in a workshop? Is there some aspect of veganism you're interested in seeing explored in a roundtable discussion? Let us know! It's input like yours that helps the Vegan Living Program to be successful year after year.

Thank you so much for being part of the 2015 Vegan Living Program!


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